Welcome to the Wolfe’s Den! How did we come up with that name? Well, it just so happens my middle name is Wolfe and it sounded like a fun play on words for our coffee shop The Wolfe’s Den.

I’m your barista, Baelyn Wolfe Jones. I was born in Corinth, MS and lived there for about 10 years then moved to Savannah, GA. Around sixth grade my parents started homeschooling me all the way through high school. For the remaining three years of high school we traveled the country in a motor coach hitting 44 states and nearly every major city in every state and tons of tiny towns in between. The adventures were fantastic from seeing the America’s Stonehenge in New Hampshire to Key West with the salty ocean breeze in October to the mighty redwoods in Muir Forrest in California.

During these adventures opportunities presented themselves. One of them was working for a professional chef where we prepped, cooked, and catered for catering classes, special events, and banquets of all kinds. Following this we would stay in MA during the summers for a couple months at a time and I picked up work as a short order cook on a resort campground.

These travels and experiences fueled my interest in reading, imagining new and different worlds…so, I began writing a book. Since its inception that single book has now turned into three and are all developing into a cohesive trilogy in a world of fantasy, adventure, creatures of extraordinary traits. Stay tuned and we will see about getting the first one published soon…

After high school I moved to Salt Lake City and studied art foundation, illustration, and design for two and a half years at a community college. This too fueled my passion for art and has helped develop a proper foundation for illustration for my books. As I write the books, they often have illustrations to accompany them. On occasion, the drawing comes first and then the words for the book follow.

During my studies I had the joy of working at a local family-owned creamery that seated approximately 250 patrons. The ice cream was so good it could be in the dead of winter with a few feet of snow on the ground and there would be a line of people outside the door of 30 people deep. With that said, we were always busy. My job varied from being a host, to running the register, to dispensing various ridiculous concoctions of ice cream.

My parents needed to move to northwest GA for work and I followed. We moved here May of 2020 and in just over a year we have coffee shop and working at being part of this awesome community. It really has been amazing at how many folks here are ready and willing to assist in whatever capacity they can. Thank you City of LaFayette and thank you Cherokee Regional Library System for affording me this opportunity to serve you.